How is China different?

The light switches go the other way. You press the top of the switch so the bottom pops out to turn some thing ON.

The standard size bottle of diet coke is 600ml.

Mcdonalds and kfc do a home delivery service.

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1 Response to How is China different?

  1. Jim says:

    Yeah, 600ml is standard here too. I’m a little uncomfortable with that. The last 50-80 mls of a casually bought 500ml bottle of soft drink (I measured it) is usually the least enjoyable, and the added 100mls of the 600ml size can mean that the last 20% of the bottle is completely superfluous to your refreshment requirements. I drink it anyway. There’s a 420ml size as well, which, far from being juuuust right, is for girls and children. They still do vanilla coke here. Its a standard flavour too, not just available in certain shops, in enniskillen, at christmas. Did that ipod adapter work ok?

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